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Let's have a chat about why you should appreciate being single people. For starters, being single is not a problem to be solved. in fact...

Why You Should Appreciate Being Single People

It’s an incredible opportunity to create your own happiness. Don’t stay in a toxic relationship to please other's vision of what’s “normal”.

I’ve heard countless stories of people staying in a toxic relationship that’s hurting them, all because they are scared of what others will say/think about them… things like:

Having to answer “yes” when someone asks “Are you single!”

People thinking something is wrong with them

Worried you may not be able to get someone else to find you attractive or want to be in a relationship with you.

Others thinking they must be into the same sex… because they are not booed up with someone of the opposite… next time someone say something like that to you… put on your BEST #therock eyebrows and say “and if I was?!?!”

Don’t be so scared of what others have to say about you… that you stay in a miserable relationship that’s not serving you just to please other people.

Do you even know what you want in a relationship?!? Your future partner can’t please you… if you don’t even know what you like - what makes you happy!

Make 2 lists before you get in your next relationship… of what you want and won’t stand for in a relationship… read our latest blog article for more!

Benefits of Being "Single"
  • More time to find the right person
  • Mote time to find and get to know yourself! If you don't know what you stand for... you will accept anything that comes your way. Make time to find out what you like and don't like it. What you will/will not tolerate.
  • More time to spend with friends and family or make new friends
  • You can focus on your career, dreams, goals, aspirations, and etc...
  • You can do whatever the hell you want to do!
  • Now that you are single and ready to mingle - Attend local events/activities according to what you're interested in. It's a great way to meet like-minded people... People you have things in common with.
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Until next time, remember this... You are an original model! Be the BEST version of yourself every day for the rest of your life.


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