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Let's talk about washing and moisturizing your face. Wash your face; it's crucial that you wash and moisturizer your skin 2x per day

Your skin shed every night. So, wash in the morning to get rid of dead skin, hair product and more

Then, you wash again in the evening (before going to bed) to wash away the day. Through the day, your skin comes in contact with so many different things.

For example pollution, dirt & debry from your hands/phone, your hair product, and much more.

You should make it a habit and be consistent with your simple and easy to follow regimen.

Seeing your favorite esthetician once per month is simply not enough my dear!

Here's by?!? If you saw your dentist 1X per month… Did not brush and use mouth wash and/or floss consistently until you saw your dentist again… What do you think will happen?!? Your breath will be slapping & killing people left and right!! Plus,

You could lose your job, friend, significant other/spouse, and so much more!

I'm sure you know the importance of brushing your teeth and using mouth wash and flossing daily.

It's the exact same concept with your skincare routine.

Wash & moisturize (find the best one for your skin type/condition) 2x per day

Use an enzyme mask 1x per week

See your favorite esthetician 1x per month for deep cleanse and remember to wash and moisturizing daily is key to having clear-healthy skin.

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