The Main Cause of Acne Today. Plus, how to treat and prevent acne and post-acne scars (Brown Spots)

If you would like to know what’s acne's main cause or, if you’ve been searching for answers to the following…

  • Why do I have acne and/or acne scars (post acne brown spots)?
  • How can I prevent pimples and/or scarring?
  • Can I clear up my acne/acne scars (brown spots) fast?

Well, today’s blog article was written just for you my friend.

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The Main Cause of Acne Today. Plus, how to treat and prevent acne

What's The main cause of acne this year

Covid has impacted your life in one way or another. For some people, it had a positive impact. While others have been rocking it out on the struggle bus. Be sure to check out these three resources after you finish reading today’s article.

How to defy acne and/or dark acne spots

The best way to defy acne and post acne dark spots is to figure out the source. Why are you experiencing acne? Are you stressed? Is your hormones off the track a bit? Are you using the wrong product for your skin type?... If you don’t find the source… You will be stuck in a never ending cycle of acne, followed by post acne brown spots.

What cause acne/acne scars(post-acne brown spots)

  • Doing too much to your skin
  • Not doing enough for your skin
  • Excess sebum(oil) production
  • Hair follicles clogged with sebum(oil) 
  • Follicles clogged with dead skin cells
  • Bacteria
  • Lack of customized regimen
  • Using the wrong product for your skin type
  • cleanliness/Self care hygiene routine
  • Not using moisturizer after stripping your skin with a cleanser
  • Medication

How to prevent acne and/or post acne brown spots

You need a simple and easy to follow regimen. Check out this step by step guide or join the 21 day clear skin challenge. This is your ultimate guide to clear, smooth, and even skin. Don’t allow acne, acne scars, and/or ingrown hairs in the chin area to keep you from looking and feeling your absolute best. You deserve to look and feel confident and beautiful both inside and out. Visit:

The Main Cause of Acne Today. Plus, how to treat and prevent acne


Acne has no filter. It is not biased. Acne does not care about your age, sex, financial situation, or your social status. It comes in many  colors, shapes, forms, and sizes. Some of the main causes of acne and post acne brown spots are:

  • Bacteria getting trapped in pores
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Poor hygiene
    • How often are you switching out your face mask?
    • When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone?
    • How often are you cleaning your sheets, pillow, and pillow case?
    • Are you double cleansing 2x per day?
  • Diet
    • What you put in shows on the outside.

Different types of acne and how do you treat each type of acne?

Whiteheads + Blackheads: This type of acne is typically treated effectively with non-prescription acne treatments, like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Papules + Pustules: This type of acne can be treated with non-prescription acne treatments, like benzoyl peroxide (BPO ~ 5%), salicylic acid and/or retinoids. 

Cystic Acne: Due to the severity of cystic acne, you will need to partner up with your dermatologist to address this one - often require  combination therapies. Isotretinoin, oral antibiotics, Spironolactone, topical retinoids and oral contraceptives are all common treatment options. 

Hormonal Acne: You will need to with both your dermatologist and esthetician to address this one. OTC treatments are usually not effective. Oral contraceptives, anti-androgen drugs or retinoids for less severe cases are usually the go to.



Acne forms when the openings of hair follicles become clogged and blocked with sebum(oil) and dead skin cells - (yuck! I know.) when the clogged pore becomes infected with bacteria, it then becomes your new roommate (a pimple).

What causes breakouts in different areas of the face? 

Forehead: Acne is very common in the forehead area. Breakouts can appear in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts & nodules. Stress, poor hygiene, hair products, makeup and skin irritation can all make forehead acne worse.

Cheeks: Acne on the cheeks is also quite common. I'd recommend regularly cleaning your phone (many don't realize how much bacteria ends up on our phones!) and changing your pillowcase very often to help minimize breakouts. 

Nose: The nose is a bit more prone to breakouts because the pores in this location tend to be larger than elsewhere, where sebum(oil) can trap dead skin cells and bacteria. Digestive troubles, hormone changes and hair removal/excessive nose blowing can also be underlying factors in breakouts on the nose. 

Chin: Pimples on the chin are very common. They are typically the result of changes in hormones. This is particularly the case for females and teenagers.

Jawline: Jawline breakouts are commonly associated with hormonal fluctuations, especially in women. Men can also experience jawline breakouts from using old razors while shaving. 


Acne can be prevented - reduce the frequency of new breakouts by doing the following:

  • Keep your skin clear by doing small things everyday like double cleansing 2x per day (morning and night).
  • Make sure you’re using the right products for your skin type and goals
  • Never skip moisturizing your skin.
  • Not using a toner and/or scrub daily. Only use them 1x per week.
  • Never sleeping with makeup on.
  • Drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water.
  • Follow a clear skin diet


If you’re dealing with consistent breakouts, I would suggest booking  a virtual facial or in person consultation with a licensed esthetician you like and trust. Today we talked about:

The Main Cause of Acne Today. Plus, how to treat and prevent acne


You can always start over. Bad times and ill feelings will pass. What you focus on expands. A master was once a beginner. Always seek opportunities from failure. See every obstacle in life as a teacher and a catalyst for growth. 


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Are my acne scars/post-acne dark spots permanent?

Are my acne scars/post-acne dark spots permanent?

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