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Helping clients make make-up optional since 2010. Providing you with a more personalized spa experience in a clean, private, and cozy atmosphere.

Come relax, unwind, and let go of all that stress. You will never feel rushed. It is our mission to help you look & feel confident and beautiful, both inside and out.

Is your current skin condition keeping you from the life and career you want and deserve? Help is finally here!!

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Providing YOU with results driven, superior customer service combined with a private, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere.

Plus, skin beautifying facials, and a clean and friendly environment for all your skin care needs. You will never feel......


Created For Your Skin

Luxury Lotus Spa, offers the highest quality professional grade products along with in person and virtual consultations to ensure that your skin looks…

Face & Body Waxing

Clean & Sanitary Atmosphere

We provide a clean & friendly atmosphere for all of your waxing needs...

Waxing and facial spa in Tampa


With & Without Customized Kits

Will be completely customized for your skin and features the most effective, safe, and unique products available for...


Meet, Esther the esthetician

Speaker, Survivor, World Traveler, Lover of; Culture, Adventure, & Art. Esther the Esthetician Nelson is a highly sought after industry expert and Licensed specialist in treating acne scars on...


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