Nothing But Gratitude! – Hi there!! It’s Esther the esthetician here 🙂

I’ve always been very close to my clients. But I have to say, my heart is full right now.  From all the love and unconditional support, I have received over these last few months, from so many of you! I couldn’t be more blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. 

I’m really glad to be back doing what I love the most…facials! I’m excited to be back laughing, sharing stories, and seeing your beautiful face. 

I took things slow last week. I only allowed a limited amount of appointments… checked all of my systems to see where I need to improve…while doing this, I realized I was in desperate need to hire a personal assistant. 

Nothing But Gratitude Today 🙂

acne scar specialist in Tampa, Florida

I’ve always had a virtual assistant name Kristen- who has been beyond amazing!! However, we both agreed, it’s time for me to add another assistant – a local assistant to help me out with the things that are necessary for every business however, I strongly dislike doing them myself lol. 

All I really, really, really, want to do is…facials, all day every day!

Nothing But Gratitude

I’m relieved and excited about this… I officially have another assistant to help ensure everything runs smoothly… AJ will be a great addition to the team. I’ve already ordered the laptop and cell phone for AJ. A formal introduction will be coming your way soon.

luxury lotus spa acne scar virtual consultation in tampa florida, Nothing But Gratitude

Anywho, I will not keep you long today. I’m sure you’ve seen all this by now, but just in case… 


However, if you are still a bit scared/not ready to get back to your beauty norms…. That’s OKAY!! I’ve got you covered. I’m sure both my phone and zoom are tired of me right now lol…  I’m still offering virtual facials.

Nothing But Gratitude, will acne scars ever fade for black women with dark skin complexion
Download your Free Guide Today!

Having been an immuno-compromised cancer patient less than a year ago, I completely understand the struggle of not wanting to go out… That was one of the main reasons why I wanted to create my virtual facial program initially. I will share the other reason with you at a later date. 

If you or someone you know, currently dealing with cancer and/or is immunocompromised, I would absolutely love to connect.  Please visit to learn more about our virtual facial!… The prices vary based on the size of the products you will receive. I’m beyond grateful for you and your support.

P.S. Not feeling 100% comfortable to return, but still want clear, smooth, and even skin? I understand and have you covered! Virtual Facials are a perfect option…


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How to Prevent Post-Acne Dark Spots