Let's talk about make-up through the ages - as we gracefully age

Most women love to experiment and enhance their look with make-up. As a teen or younger, we might play with our sisters’ and mom’s makeup bags (much to their annoyance) but as we get older we tend to develop our own style that changes as we grow older, along with fashion trends and our personal style.

So how can we adapt our look as we get older, without losing any of our individuality?

Twenty-something make-up 
This is the decade in which we look our most beautiful – well for most of us anyway. Skin is at its best and that makes our twenties the best time to experiment and really find our ‘look’. Don’t be afraid of following trends and trying new things, make-up is fun and while you’re in your twenties is the best time to find out what does – and doesn’t – suit you.

Start paying your skin some attention at this age and you set yourself up for a lifetime of good skin. Think about the basics; make sure that you always wear moisturizer with SPF, always remove your makeup before bed and try out foundations and concealers to find one that suits your skin.

What about your thirties?
Most women find that they are pretty busy in their thirties, whether with career, family, or both. Make–up can take a back seat and anything that does two jobs at once is a bonus.

Look at getting a good quality tinted moisturizer to save time or try getting everything in one place; fill a makeup palette with foundation, cream blusher, your favorite lip balm, and a couple of your favorite shades of lipstick, and keep it in your purse for instant glamor. If you haven’t already, you definitely need to add SPF 15 or 30 to your skincare routine to avoid sun damage and fine lines as your skin mature.

Skincare and make-up for your forties
The bad news is that your forties are unless you’re exceptionally blessed with good skin, the decade that you start noticing your skin start to age a little. Fine lines, pigmentation, and general lack of elasticity can strike and so you’ll probably need to up your skincare and makeup routines to compensate.

In your forties is when you should have a classic look – the experimenting of your twenties and early thirties might be replaced by knowing what suits you and enjoying it. You can still adapt your basic look to current trends; if bright pink is in fashion you can always find your own shade of pink that’s not so ‘in your face’ and go with that. Concealer and foundation will help cover blemishes and even out your skin tone, and add some warmly toned blusher to give you a natural glow.

The fifties and beyond
Hitting your fifties is just another milestone, it’s not considered old anymore, so make-up is still fun at fifty-plus. If you do feel that your skin is losing some of its colors and things need perking up, great skincare and the right makeup can carry you through this decade and beyond.

Don’t make the mistake that some more mature ladies make and start upping the vibrancy or amount of your make-up, as that can age you rather than enhance your features.

If you’ve noticed lines around your eyes, a brighter lipstick will draw attention away from them rather than wearing too much concealer or foundation in an attempt to ‘cover up’.

Light colors lift your features, so opt for a bone eyeshadow all over your eyelids and under your brows, and give an overall glow with a slightly brighter shade of blusher.

I hope today's blog post has helped out. If you have any skincare questions... please don't hesitate to DM me post them below this post. The health of your skin is in your hands. Take action in the right direction today.

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