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It is such an ego booster when I hear this “No wonder why your skin looks so good” after someone learns, I am an esthetician. My number one secret as an esthetician?!? After years struggling with acne followed by acne scars, I decided to turn to beauty school to help me learn how to properly care for my skin.

Long story short… I Didn't just learned how to care for my skin… I also found something I’m extremely passionate about - skincare #facials
I had no idea back then… however, the reason why my skin was constantly breaking out?!? I wasn’t changing my pillow case often enough. (When you know better. You should do better)

I used the acne kit that’s available in my online store to clear up the acne fast - no one wants to be known as pimple face or bumpy back

Nowadays, I keep a simple and easy to follow regimen for clear, smooth, and even skin.

Now, during my cancer treatments recently my skin started looking like crap again!

I kept this hydration based skincare regimen in the image above to clear up the acne and the brown spots. (See the before and after in the next picture)

What I’m sharing are not things I think will work… I know they work because of personal experience (2x now). The only problem is… most people don’t have patience - they want everything in a microwave/New York minute.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic pill to give you. However, I do have some practical advice to share with you - If you are willing and able to commit to being consistent with your clear, smooth, and even skin regimen. You too can have and maintain clear skin. Makeup will be an optional… You will not have to spend HOURS every day trying to make your skin ”look good”

My secret for my fresh glow daily is simply this… I touch up with my rebalance moisturizer.

Sure you could easily go #Walgreens, #CVS, #Target, #Walmart, #Amazon, and similar places to purchase one for “less”

However, you actually end up spending more. I will tell you more in the video I will be posting later on this week.

What's Should You Do Next?

Join our Clear Skin Challenge today to learn how to design your own clear, smooth, and even skin regimen and so much more. Skincare does not have to be crazy and complicated. It only requires Patience, Consistency, making sure you are using the correct product for your delicate skin and most importantly, simplicity - Keep it simple silly.

Then, Book your In depth Clear, Smooth, and even skin consultation.

And, if you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I’m looking forward to being able to interact with you more this year.

Until next time, have a healthy, happy, and prosperous day! Remember, you are an original model! Be the best version of yourself today and every day and don’t forget to share a smile with someone new today 🙂


One simple and great thing you can do right now is Download this FREE clear skin guide if you’re ready to transform your skin and make makeup optional. Visit: Did you know acne scars could become permanent if you ignore them long enough!?! Six months from today... will you be happy that you took action today or... will you be living in regret because you chose not to take action today?!?


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Self-Care Through Hard Times

Self-Care Through Hard Times