How to Shrink Your Pores and Erase Acne Scars (Post Acne Brown Spots)

If you would like to know how to shrink your pores and erase acne scars (post-acne brown spots), or... if you’ve been searching for answers to the following…

  • What can treat large facial pores
  • Can you really shrink your pores?
  • How can I tighten my enlarged pores?
  • What treatments reduce pore size?
  • What causes large pores?

Well, today’s blog article was written just for you my friend.

Hello there, I’m Esther The Esthetician; a 10+ year licensed esthetician and owner of Luxury Lotus Spa. I come to you every week with new resources to help you get the skin and life you want and deserve. My goal with each and every piece of resources/guides is to help simplify your life. Today, I will help you reduce stress, boost confidence, transform your life and your skin in the process.

Let’s jump right-in to this week’s guide where I will be shedding some light on:

The Main Cause of Acne Today. Plus, how to treat and prevent acne

How to Shrink Your Pores and Erase Acne Scars (Post Acne Brown Spots)

Hey you… I see you!

Would you like to know how to minimize your pores and erase acne scars?

Has acne, acne scars, and/or ingrown hairs in the chin area kept you from looking and feeling your absolute best. 

Well my friend… Help is finally here.

Imagine achieving your goals of clear, smooth and even skin this year!

Today I’m going to share with you how to live with large pores and acne scars

Wait a minute...

Why live with them when you could treat them?

Dealing with acne scars A.K.A post acne brown spots is hard enough would you agree? 

Why must we also deal with acne, enlarged pores, and ingrown hairs in the chin area?

I know exactly how you’re feeling right now friends.

I know, you’ve been doing your best and yet, you still see some enlarged pores and acne scars on your highly melanated skin.

Friend, I know  you’re washing your face daily and moisturizing daily… With  today’s article, I will share with you exactly what you haven’t tried. I’ve also included gifts, guides, and resources to support you on your journey to clear, smooth, and even skin.

But, the most important lesson you will leave with today is  how to minimize/shrink your pores while also clearing acne scars (post acne brown spots) 


Stay tuned to learn how to minimize large pores and erase those post acne scars (brown spots)

Minimizing Large Pores: Tips and Products

The most important thing(s) you need:

A daily regimen to keep large pore, acne, and brown spots away

  • Daily, you should make time to keep your skin clean, clear, and hydrated. 
  • It only takes 10 minutes per day (5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before bed). 
  • The most important thing is to ensure you’re using the right product for your skin type and goals. 
    • Oftentimes, I hear people say… I don’t like using moisturizer… It makes my skin oily. 
      • Truth be told… When you have dry skin and you’re using products made for oily skin… your skin will start producing an excess amount of sebum. Ultimately… creating that  “oily-glow” you don’t like or want...

How can I tighten my enlarged pores?

When you incorporate a weekly scrub, enzyme toner and mask you will notice a major shift/change with your skin. 

A weekly regimen To address acne, post acne scars (brown spots), and ingrown hairs in the chin area

  • Once per week… I recommend doing a mini spa day at home.
  • It only takes about 20 minutes - (one day per week in the evening) - a time when you know you don’t have to leave your house anymore for the day.
  • If you visit You will be able to get a free DIY guide to help you achieve your goals of clear, smooth, and even skin.

Can you really shrink your pores?

A Monthly Regimen for clear, smooth, and Even skin

  • Every 2-4 weeks… I recommend seeing your esthetician for a professional facial
    • If you’re dealing with active acne… aim for every 2-3 week. 
    • If you’re dealing with acne scars (brown spots) aim for every 3-4 weeks

How to shrink large pores & How to erase acne scars

Check out this video to help you clear acne, acne scars, and post acne brown spots. I’ve also created a free guide to help you achieve your skincare goals this year.

What treatments reduce pore size?

Our Signature Miracle Mask will get your pores right! 


What can treat large facial pores?

  1. Use only non-comedogenic skin care products and makeup. The word “non-comedogenic” means the product won't clog your pores. 
  2. Cleanse your face twice a day… AM & PM
  3. Moisturize your face twice a day... AM & PM
  4. Use retinol 1-3 times per week… Always skip a day in between using your retinol
  5. Treat acne… We will help you customize a results driven kit
  6. Protect your face with sunscreen every day. ...
  7. Exfoliate… One day per week - I exfoliate with a scrub, enzyme toner & mask
  8. Be gentle with your skin...
  9. Treat sagging skin.
  10. Control your oil production

What causes large pores? 

As you gracefully age… You will experience some changes with your pores. The main causes of large pores, acne, and post acne brown spots that I’ve seen over the years is when we are using the wrong product for our skin…  


A lot of times, the products can be drying to your skin. REMEMBER “dry skin causes more zits, not less”.  Oftentimes, when our skin feels dry/dehydrated… it goes into full-oil-production-mode. Our skin starts to produce an excess amount of sebum which fills our pores and causes our pores to start looking larger than life. 


  • In addition, growing older, your skin also loses elasticity, which often causes your skin to stretch and sag, making pores appear larger than you want them to look.
  • Your skin also thickens as you age, which causes miniscule skin cells to gather around your pores, making pores look bigger. 
  • Years of sun exposure can make pores appear larger.
  • It could also be hereditary… Does your parents and/or family members have large pores?


In summary, if you’re looking for helpful resources on how to shrink your pores and erase acne scars (post acne brown spots). Join a clear skin challenge to jump start your journey to clear, smooth, and even skin.



You can always start over. Bad times and ill feelings will pass. What you focus on expands. A master was once a beginner. Always seek opportunities from failure. See every obstacle in life as a teacher and a catalyst for growth.


Lastly, You were born as an original model. Try not to die as a copy of someone else. Be the best version of yourself -Today and Everyday.

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