– How to Prepare for Your Brazilian-Bikini Wax with Vajacial Appointment

Let's talk about all things Brazilian-Bikini Wax and a bit about Vajacial

How to Prepare for Your Brazilian/Bikini Wax

  • Remember to shower before your appointment. In a pinch, wet wipes are a lifesaver!
  • Hair must be a quarter of an inch (about 10-14 days of growth) 
  • Resist the urge to shave between sessions.  Shaving chafes the skin and creates the perfect environment for ingrown hairs!
  • Gently exfoliate the night before or take a warm bath to prep the skin before your wax. Having a warm bath or shower before your wax can soften your skin allowing for easier hair removal.  We also recommend exfoliation the night before as this removes dead skin build-up around and in the follicle again aiding in easier and more thorough removal.  We recommending doing so using a gently dry brushing method, gentle exfoliating scrub, or acne cleanser.
  • Chill. Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can. Like a lot of things in life, the anticipation is often worse than the actual event.  Don’t listen to friends who tell you their waxing horror stories. They don’t come to us! Youtube videos and movie scenes with screaming will not help either.  This is your experience and we want it to be a good one!!
  • Take a deep breath. We often ask clients to take a few deep breaths and to try to relax their muscles once they get on the waxing table.  Don’t worry—it really doesn’t hurt that much. And trust me, we want you to come back, so we won’t do anything to traumatize you!
  • Know that it gets better.  We get that first-timers don’t know what to expect. My advice is to acknowledge that the first one will be the most uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been shaving prior to it. However, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing you’ve ever done. Most of the time, people leave our room pleasantly relieved that the wax wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected(expect the worst... it's usually not that bad).  Every wax after the first one gets easier, especially when your hair starts growing finer (our waxing system was designed to weaken that hair follicle!)
  • Medicate if you must. if you’re concerned about the potential for pain, take a couple of Advil 20 minutes before your appointment. Some clients feel this takes the edge off. I don't know if that's actually true.
  • Remember, it will be over before you know it. Being fuzz-free is so worth a couple of minutes of discomfort!
  • FOR BEST RESULT... Incorporate a vajacial with your waxing - Our Vajacial treatments address ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone.
  • Book your Bare Brazilian Wax with Vajacial Today!

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