October 14

Meet your Favorite EstherTheEsthetician FOR LUXURY LOTUS SPA in Tampa, Florida. ™Luxury Lotus Spa


I hope your week was filled with smiles, love, happiness, and many growing opportunities.

Today I’ve decided to share a little bit about myself to help you understand why I am the way that I am. I come from a pretty big family

I love to travel and I have family and friends all over the globe 

I’m a Gemini ♊, so, I love adventures and connecting with strangers.

Because I come from a big family, I was able to be my own person. Some people think coming from a big family is a bad thing, I feel the complete opposite.

I don’t think I would be the risk taker that I am if I came from a small family.

Being Gemini does hurt my case either.

They two together makes me a free-spirited thinker whose not afraid to take a chance on myself.

In a big family your create your uniqueness.

Mine is that I’m a random, strange and don’t like to be controlled or feel tired down

I love these two babes  #sisters #sisterlylove #sistersfromsamemother #sistership #sisterhood #sistertime

Soooo grateful and blessed to have you both as my sister

As for you.. Reading this right now: Please set aside one hour and 20 minutes every week for DIY self-care.
Time to care for your hair and your skin.

Beautiful skin will always be in.

Once per week, you should do the following:

  1. Wash your face – 2x with your favorite cleanser
  2. Scrub – use your favorite scrub to exfoliate the dead skin. The is really helpful for those who struggle with ingrown hair
  3. Mask – apply your favorite enzyme mask to treat your skin. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes. My personal favorite is the pumpkin mask. Enzyme work like pac man on dead skin. It’s also an amazing treatment for #ingrownhair Your can purchase it from our online store by visiting www.LuxuryLotusSpa.com/Shops

    Enjoy free shipping plus a free gift when you shop with us.
  4. Moisturize and Protect/treat your skin using your favorite acne cream/ night time retinol serum or sunscreen during the day…

    Don’t forget your lips when you have the scrub on your face. Personally, I prefer the caramel coffee face and body scrub.

    It smells heavenly!

    Sisters with beautiful cheekbones and smiles

    BOOK NOW link  in bio

Hi there… It’s Esther TheEsthetician here,

Intro, Title, and Main Point(s)

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I hope today’s blog post has helped out. If you have any skincare questions… please don’t hesitate to DM me post them below this post. The health of your skin is in your hands. Take action in the right direction today.


Facial spa in tampa, florida for women with darker skin tone, black women and menLuxuryLotusSpa.com/BookNow


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Cleanser: BPO 5% Cleanser

Moisturizer: Clear Skin Moisturizer

Sunscreen: WeightLess Protection BroadSpectrum (SPF 45) Sunscreen – 

Scrub: Pore Refining Scrub

Mask: Detoxifying Mask

Serum/Treatment Boost: Intensive Clarity Night Retinol Serum

Acne Cream: Acne Cream for Spot Treatment

Lip Treatment: Hydrating Lip Treatment – Peptide Lip Therapy

Clear skin for black women in tampa florida (FL) clear up acne, and acne scars for women with darker skin tone visit www.LuxuryLotusSpa.com and shop online with free shipping          Esther Nelson skin care routime, clear an even skin for women with darker skin complexion. in tampa, florida (FL) near me 33613. 33617, University of South Florida Student discount


To clear up my acne and acne scars I used the clear skin products listed above and  I followed this basic skincare regimen:  https://luxurylotusspa.com/tips-diy-spa-facial-home-skin-care-tips-acne-prone-skin/ 

Four(4)—Six(6) month from today… Will you regret not starting your clear skin regimen/journey today… or will you be as happy as I am flashing my face around makeup-free?

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Until next time… remember this: you are an original model. Be the best version of yourself today & every day! See you back again soon ♥

Share a smile with someone new today.-♥Esther_TheEsthetician ♥ 


Esther “TheEsthetician” Nelson
 813-701-454113542 N. Florida Ave. Suite 212Tampa, Florida 33613

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Facial spa in tampa, florida for women with darker skin tone, black women and men


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