Here’s How to treat and prevent Maskne


Are you suffering from breakouts under your mask? 


I’ve got you covered; If you’re looking for the answer to the following:


  • Is Maskne a Thing?
  • What is Maskne?
  • How do I get rid of Maskne?
  • How do you treat and prevent Maskne?


Mask is a type of new acne; here are the things you need to know about it right now… I will also share; what causes it and how to treat it.


GOT MASK RELATED ACNE -  “MASKNE”?   Here’s How to treat and prevent Maskne

What is Maskne? Is maskne a thing?

Maskne 101: What the heck is it, and why is it happening.

Firstly, The medical term for “maskne” is acne mechanical. Acne Mechanical is a skin condition brought on by prolonged wear of facial personal protective equipment. 


I’m sharing this with you today because I want to help you rise above “maskne.” You always deserve to look and feel confident and beautiful both inside and out.




“Maskne”  imposes heat, friction and keeps it on the skin, and when combined with a moist environment from inhaling and exhale, talking, or sweating, You end up creating a breeding ground for breakouts, my dear! 


Here’s why your pores become clogged and welcome in those stubborn unwanted pimples or acne cysts. 


On top of that, the prolonged obstruction/closure, heat, and sweat cause the skin to become dry, itchy, and, if you’re not careful, raw.


Sadly, acne isn’t the only skin condition reported by those who are following the CDC guidelines and wearing their mask regularly. Some of the Other familiar face mask-related skin problems include the following:


  • Allergic contact dermatitis – 

  • A lot of manufactured masks may contain a chemical that causes an allergic reaction. You know the one’s everyone (including myself) keep in the car —  in case we need to make a random stop at the local store… yeah, that one!

  • Rosacea – 

  • Typically worsened by heat and stress, well, your face mask can increase Rosacea flares.


    • Seborrheic dermatitis – 

  • This skin condition causes scaly, inflamed skin, as well as stubborn dandruff.

  • Folliculitis – 

    • This skin condition occurs When yeast or bacteria infect hair follicles.



You have tiny vellus hair on your body… So small, they are almost invisible on most skin. 


How do you treat and prevent Maskne?

Here’s how to prevent it?


Here are six skincare tips to protect your pretty face from mask irritation.


1. Wash your face two times; two times per day with a gentle cleanser– 

Use a gentle cleanser that is free of fragrance and oil and rinse with lukewarm water. This prevents dirt and oil from being trapped on the skin surface, which can cause you to start breaking out over time. Your face & mask should always be clean before you bring them together. 



Keep your mask clean. Be sure to wash your cloth mask at least 1x per week. If you’re wearing a disposable mask, be sure to switch them out regularly. I know A lot of people wear the same cloth or disposable mask every day! It’s time to start changing those masks regularly. The mask can collect sebum (oil) and dead skin cells.


2. Apply a moisturizer; two times per day (AM & PM)– 

Not only will this keep your skin hydrated, but it will also act as a barrier between your face and your mask, reducing friction. 


Apply the moisturizer onto a cleansed face before and after wearing a mask. 

Look for a moisturizer with;  hyaluronic acid, which will provide you with extra protection. 

Take care to avoid fragrances amongst other common contact allergens. 

This may take trial and error to find the right formulation for your skin type.  To find your skin type; cleanse 2x times with your favorite cleanser; then, wait 20-30 minutes before you go look in the mirror. If you are on the drier side (most people are), you’ll notice the area appear ashy. Oily skin typically has that sheen factor to it.


3. Ditch the makeup – 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, wearing skin makeup under a mask causes clogged pores and breakouts. Makeup residue will also soil your mask.


4. Wash your mask daily – 

If wearing a cotton mask, wash it after each use as its surface contains dirt and oil and can become a breeding ground for bacteria from your nose and mouth. 


5. Choose a fragrance-free laundry soap – 

Fragrances can irritate your skin — skip the fabric softener, too.


6. Stay away from harsh products – 

Medicated skincare products that contain benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and salicylic acid will be more irritating to the skin under a mask — be careful about how much and what you use. 


How Do I Get Rid OF Maskne Esther?

Would you like to know how to treat common skin issues…


Well, we’ve discussed what ‘Maskne’ is, How to prevent and treat ‘Maskne’; here’s how to clear up ‘Maskne’ aka, breakouts from your face…


You can do this at home to help treat some of the most common mask-related skin issues.


1. Acne or breakouts – 

Add a glycolic acid wash and a light “non-comedogenic” moisturizer to your pre-mask regimen. Move the application of leave-on skincare products to times, not wearing a mask at home. If breakouts, redness, or swelling persists, seek medical care with your physician. 


2. Dry skin – 

Always apply a good moisturizer to the skin before you put on a mask. After you take it off, cleanse the skin and apply a bland emollient. Commonly, natural or botanical substances can contain allergenic products, so beware. 

21 days clear skin challenge for acne and acne scars

When to make an appointment with your dermatologist or esthetician:


If you don’t see a difference in your skin after implementing the skincare tips above, it may be time to call your dermatologist and esthetician, expert says. 


Having the right skincare routine and being consistent will lessen mask-related skin irritation and ‘Maskne.’


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