Here's what the acne on your face is telling you about what's really happening inside your body...

Let’s talk about face mapping the acne on your face. Today, we are diving in deep to see how the Acne on your face could be telling you What's really Happening Inside Your Body!

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Acne is a frustrating skin problem that affects many people, but surprisingly it can provide us with valuable insight into the over all health of our bodies.

It’s called face mapping and it works by looking at where acne appears on the face in relation to areas connected to certain organs and functions.

For example, if you get breakouts around your forehead and temples, face mapping suggests that it could indicate issues with hormonal balance or even dehydration.

Similarly, blemishes around your mouth and chin could be evidence of digestive issues like indigestion or constipation.

So, next time you’re troubled by blemishes, take a look in the mirror – they may be trying to tell you something really important!

Did you know that acne often comes from toxins from within?

Here's a Quick Summary of What Could Happening Inside

Redness under your nose is more than likely a stomach issues. It's not typically an acne issue.

Foreheads & cheeks acne is often caused by digestive toxins caused by yeast. In this situation, you want to focus on treating the yeast to clear up the acne quickly.

Mucus accumulation in the gut this promote yeast in the body and it will ultimately cause acne to appear on your face over time.

Jaw line acne is often caused by food preservatives that resemble estrogen.

To make a long story short.. Your digestive health plays an important role in your overall health. I loved this Feel Good Friday series by Keperah on youtube  It talks about the importance the 3 B’s our Bowels, Brain, Blood - This entire series is so amazing... I re-watch this ultimate selfcare series in December every year since she posted  it on youtube - You can watch/listen to the entire series by clicking here.

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Tips, & Tricks for improving that unwanted acne on your face/back

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Are my acne scars/post-acne dark spots permanent?


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