Everything you ever wanted to know about dark acne on your brown skin

Today we are talking about dark spots on your brown skin. Why do I get Acne (Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments)


Acne can rob us of the things we want the most in life. Know why you’re experiencing acne and how to treat it is your ultimate magic wand. If acne and acne scars have robbed you of your confidence and kept you from looking and feeling your absolute best. 


Hi there, I’m Esther the esthetician and I help clients reduce stress, boost confidence, and transform your life and your skin.


I’ve included a few hidden gems throughout today’s blog article. Continue reading to find the special gift I’ve included specifically for you. Plus, You’ll also find some resources to help you get the life/career you want and deserve.


What causes acne?


Acne is a common skin condition that happens when your hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells, and sebum (oil). It’s not something that only teens/young women deal with. It is not biased, my friend. 


Acne can be caused by 

  • Stress
  • Hormonal fluctuations (change)
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Lack of proper hygiene
  • Lack of a good customized skincare routine specific to your skin type and goals… 


Sometimes, when we see acne/pimples on our face… It stresses us out which leads to more breakouts. Stress breakout can lead to a never-ending cycle of stress followed by breakout… Sometimes, you could be stressed and not realize it.


A good way to break that cycle is to figure out why you are stressed and break the cycle.


What I do when I’m stressed

  • Pack my cooler with a good snack
  • Grab my art supplies and/or the book I’m currently reading
  • Head to the beach for a long walk
  • After my walk, I sit down and meditate for a few minutes
  • Jot down notes/thoughts
  • Sketch away ( I sketch whatever I’m driven to sketch that day


The four main factors that cause acne are:


  1. Bacteria buildup
  2. Hair follicles that are clogged with sebum(oil) and dead skin cells
  3. Excess sebum (oil) production
  4. Inflammation


Acne typically develops on your 

  • Face (including the forehead
  • Cheek, and chin/neck area)
  • Chest
  • Upper back
  • Shoulders.


Acne develops when sebum — an oily substance that lubricates your hair and skin — and dead skin cells clog hair follicles. Bacteria can trigger inflammation and infection resulting in more severe acne.


How do I get rid of acne?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… First, let’s discuss common symptoms as well as some common acne myths. Acne signs often vary depending on the severity of your condition.


Common Acne Symptoms

  • Cystic Lesions – Lumps under the skin that are painful and filled with pus
  • Nodules – Lumps under the skin that are painful, large, and solid
  • Pustules – Pimples with pus at the tips 
  • Papules – Tender bumps often red/dark brown in color
  • Blackheads – Clogged pores… Open comedones – Exposures to air changes the tip color
  • Whiteheads – Clogged pores… Closed comedones


When should I see a dermatologist/doctor for my acne?

If your skincare routine paired with professional facials aren’t cutting it (not clearing your acne)… You might consider doing some research to find a trusted dermatologist that understands your skin. If you’re dealing with severe acne, you definitely want to work with a dermatologist and esthetician to treat the problem.


Let’s talk about some common acne myths…

The following has little to no effect on your acne my friends.

  • Greasy foods & Chocolate

  • Hygiene

      • Scrubbing your skin too hard or cleansing for a harsh cleanser can irritate your skin and make your acne worse. Acne is caused by pores filled with dead skin cells, sebum (oil). Bacteria will cause inflammation. Acne isn’t caused by dirty skin… however, you should be cleansing and moisturizing 2x per day (AM & PM) it removes dead skin cells your skin shed throughout the day/night as well as product from your hair…
  • Cosmetics     

    • As long as you’re using the correct products for your skin type, conditions, and goals… it will not necessarily worsen your acne. The problems come in if… You’re using products for oily skin and You have acne and your skin is dry

What’s the deal with this Adult Acne?

It’s quite simple…Hormone changes in women particularly during midlife can lead to a breakout. Stress-breakout doesn’t care about your age either…


Can We talk about these stubborn acne scars!!

People with darker skin types (highly melanated beauties) are more likely to experience the following types of acne scars and changes to their skin…



  • Age

      • Although acne is most common in teens, people of all ages, sex, and ethnicty can get acne.
  • Hormonal Changes

      • Most common during pregnancy and puberty will often lead to unwanted breakouts
  • Family History

      • If both of your parents had acne, you’re likely to develop it too. So, yes! genetics does play a role in acne.
  • Greasy or Oily Substances

    • You could develop acne when your skin comes into contact with oil or oily products. Be aware of your hair and body care products. Also, remember to change your pillowcases at least 1x per week. You’re pillowcase stores dead skin cell, products, sebum, and much more


  • Heat, Friction, or pressure on your skin

    • This is a new one for a lot of us… Those pandemic face masks can leave you with a case of pandemic pores and/or Maskne. I wrote a blog about the two of them back in May and June. Be sure to check them out. If you sign up for the 21-days clear skin challenge today, I’ll email both to you. 


HELP FOR: Dark Acne Scars on Your Brown  Skin




As part of the 21-days clear skin challenge; I’ve also included a step by step guide to help you clear that unwanted acne, post-acne scars (brown spots), and ingrown hairs in the chin are – all at the same time. For a step by step guide to help you achieve your goal of clear, smooth, and even skin this year.



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How to Quickly Clear Acne & Post Acne Dark Spots From Home


Tips, & Tricks for improving that unwanted acne on your face/back

Tips, & Tricks for improving that unwanted acne on your face/back

Are my acne scars/post-acne dark spots permanent?

Are my acne scars/post-acne dark spots permanent?


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