Customer Appreciation Week!!

Time for FREE GIFTS, Post-Rona Glow-up, plus a gift card for a friend – This week only…

In honor of customer appreciation week, I’m giving you a free Gift Card for you to give to a friend when you book a facial this week.

This year, we’ve opened it up to new clients as well. Yes, you can book today and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. While supplies last

It’s Time To Get Your Pre-Rona Glow back!

There’s still a few left…book now for your free gift!




It’s September 29th and I woke up on this fine this Tuesday morning and looked in the mirror and thought, “holy cow… the shut down took a toll on you, Esther!”

Am I the only one who noticed the following:

Mask-ne (Mask related acne)
Pandemic Caused a severe case of Enlarged Pores
Puffy eyes
Dull & tired skin
Dairy face
Wine face
Sugar face
The rough, dry, or bumpy texture
Post shut down breakouts
pop belly / Food Baby
Dark circles
I have a feeling I’m not alone. 🙂

Don’t worry– I’ve had you covered.

I’ve put together a “Post Rona Mystery Gift Set” that is a FREE* gift (for you!) , plus a free gift card for you to give to a friend; if you visit the spa for a facial from September 30th to October 3rd. *While supplies last.

The Post Rona Mystery Gift Set has some yummy treats to help you de-puff, unwind, relax, and promote a rejuvenated, smooth, even, and radiant glow to your skin –something you won’t want to miss out on!


P.S. The complimentary gift card will make the perfect birthday or holiday gift for a girlfriend or close friend/loved one.

Love, Peace, and a radiant Face,

Esther_TheEsthetician Nelson

Call/Text: 813-701-4541

Be sure to like & Follow us @LuxuryLotusSpa on all of your favorite social media platforms.

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