Common Sense COVID-19 Tips. I’m thinking about you! During this crazy time- Part 1

The Story

Common Sense COVID-19 Tips. I'm thinking about you! During this crazy time. Here are some tips to decompress and destress in this crazy time 🙂 There's so much we still don't know about the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). If you found any value reading this blog, please be sure to share this blog with 3 people you know, like, and care about. These practical common sense tips could save your life or the life of someone you know and care about.

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The Basics: Common Sense COVID-19 Tips

Protection, Food, Exercise, Sanitation, Hygiene, Immune System

  • How to protect your nasal cavity...
    • Vaseline/Aquaphor up your nose will help protect your nasal cavity from germs... I know a lot of people are out here looking for face masks to cover their mouse and nose at this time. Most stores are either out or charging 10x the amount.
  • Washing your hands is much better than using hand sanitizer
    • Think of hand sanitizer as putting a band-aid on a cut where the wound is covered with dirt and blood is flowing with ease...
    • Think of someone spraying perfume to cover up the musk... The B.O. did not leave
    • Remember to wash your hands often
  • Cover your mouth when you cough
    • This protects you and others around you
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable
    • Focus on building a powerful immune system
  • exercise at least 20 mins. per day...
    • If you're really feeling good, throw in one pushing per day

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Common Sense COVID-19 Tips

  • Incorporate box breathing into your daily routine
    • Breathing to heal our mind, body, and energy
  • Meditate daily
    • Daily meditation has been proven to boost the immune system
  • Don't watch/read things that will upset you energy
    • Try to stay informed without making yourself feel anxious
  • Incorporate aromatherapy into your daily routine
    • For a sound mind, body, and spirit

Common Sense Approach

What Type of Food to Eat, How to Build your Immune System

Common Sense COVID-19 Tips

  • Stock up on items that will build your immune system (these items are still on the shelves everywhere)
    • m loving the Airborne Original chewable tablets (I purchased it from my local Winn Dixie)... I've been taking 4 per day as recommended... The Very Berry taste is pretty darn good...Find what you like
  • I also, stocked up on fruit and vegetables to help boost my immune system during this crazy time.

Don't be like everyone else overstocking on the wrong things.

I say all of that, to say this... Be smart, well informed, and cautious. Use this as a sign to improve an area in your life you've been slacking with. I hope this blog was useful to or someone you love & care about. Common Sense COVID-19 Tips

Be safe, Be smart, Live your best life, and be the best version of yourself... today, and every day. Stay plugged-in to the CDC website for up to date information in reference to the Corona Virus Epidemic


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