AUTHOR BIO: Becoming Perfectly, Imperfect. The Ultimate Self Care Book & Guide

AUTHOR BIO: Becoming Perfectly, Imperfect. The Ultimate Self Care Book & Guide. Esther “The Esthetician” Nelson, LE, LME, LNT, LFS, is a Certified Skincare Specialist and founder and CEO of Luxury Lotus Spa in Tampa, Florida.

She specializes in helping women deal with skin-related problems, including acne, acne scars, dark spots, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and ingrown hair.

Becoming perfectly, imperfect. The ultimate self care guide book by esther the esthetician nelson in tampa florida luxury lotus spa owner tampa florida acne scars specialist black esthetician

Prepare To Be Inspired, Challenged, Educated, Entertained, And Supported In Your Journey Through Life To Survive Any And Everything In This Life-Changing Memoir!

A firm believer in the founding principle of “Beauty is a state of mind as much as a physical way of being” and continuous learning. Esther ventured into aesthetics in 2010 following her struggles with acne, ingrown hairs, and acne scars. 

The bout of terrible acne, coupled with many of the things she went through in life, including cancer in her 30s, having to deal with a double mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery, and many others prompted her to venture on this personal development journey.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering.

She recognized her calling and started taking a multi-pronged approach to deal with the issues. In her search for answers and solutions to her problems, she discovered how to pair microdermabrasion with custom blends of chemical peels, which proved extremely useful in dealing with acne and the acne scars on black/brown skin.

Having gone through the struggles and knowing how challenging it is to deal with these problems, she ventured into aesthetics to help the many women (and men) struggling with similar or related issues.

Since she started Luxury Lotus Spa, her treatments have proven safe and effective for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and conditions.

More precisely, in this book, you will learn:

  • How your mindset has the power to change everything in your life, including powerful tips on how to grow a wealthy mindset and skin
  • How effectively stop letting fear and anxiety rule and limit your life
  • The place of being organized in the journey to life transformation, including tips that will help you get more organized easily
  • How you are standing in the way of your success in your career and life and what to do about it, fight stress and anxiety, be happy, look and feel confident and beautiful inside and out.
  • How I have gone through the proverbial nine lives of a cat and emerged more robust, including surviving cancer in my 30s, double mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery, a nasty bout of acne that left scars, chemo, and more
  • What you can learn from the many valleys I have gone through life to keep your self-esteem, self-confidence, peace of mind, and sanity intact.
  • I did to clear my; acne, post scaring, and other damages to my physical and emotional well-being.
  • DIY regimen to clear, smooth, and even your skin, transparent ingrown hairs, and more
  • Why you don’t have to become an extrovert and how exactly you can move to be a mid-vert from introvert without feeling like you are trying too much
  • How to travel the world and enjoy in your new-found transformation guilt-free
  • And much more!

Becoming Perfectly, Imperfect. The Ultimate Self Care Book and Guide

Yes, Esther’s story will not only help you get out of your way, but it will also teach, challenge, and inspire you to take action as well as offer you all the support you need to become the person you’ve always wanted, even if you don’t believe it right now!

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In her book, she shares her story and the powerful strategies she has used to remain sane and boost her self-esteem. Even with the many dark phases, she has had to go through in life Esther keeps smiling and pushing through.

Her writing is fun, interactive, entertaining, educative, and inspiring. So, whether you are dealing with some of the problems she had to deal with or any other dark phase in your life; Esther’s work will inspire, challenge and help you get out of your way!

As a practicing aesthetician, she knows cutting-edge technologies and strategies that work, and she teaches them all in her book, her self-care academy, www.TheUltimateSelfCareAcademy, and her blog in a way to help you overcome those obstacles!


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