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How to get rid of acne scars on brown skin, black esthetician near me in tampa, florida

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I was very satisfied with the results.

Shamika A. S.

Esther is professional, knowledgeable, and sweet. I sampled the skin care products for a week prior to making my purchase and I was very satisfied with the results. Today, I purchased the entire kit and I look forward to having an acne free face!


Virtual patient from another state

Jackson M.

This review is long overdue!! I don't have a photo to upload but I wanted to let you know that this place is definitely Heaven Sent for black men and women who has or has had acne. They're SUPER nice and helpful. I've only been once because I was visiting when I first started a little while ago. After my first appointment, I immediately decided to become a virtual patient from another state. but I look forward to returning for another in-person service. Esther gave me the best treatments. I’ve ever experienced(I’ve had quite a few). I recently ran out of some of my products I logged in and placed my only order and Esther shipped it to me real fast. Even though I’m a bit heavy-handed, the products lasted me a really long time. When they said a little bit goes a long way, that was a fact. The number one problem area that I was dealing with was my back and I’ve seen a major improvement. Thank you so much, ladies. Since my skin is clear and even now, I've started to regain confidence back. I no longer feel embarrassed wearing short tank tops that show my back.


Knows her stuff and is informative

Claude C.

Great spa and she knows her stuff and is informative. She will schedule an appointment when YOU are available. She is also just a delightful person to be around.


very welcoming when I arrived she sat down with me and listened to all the issues I’m currently having with my skin and provided much needed feedback

Courtney T.

Ms. Esther is awesome! She was very welcoming when I arrived she sat down with me and listened to all the issues I’m currently having with my skin and provided much needed feedback on opportunities to achieve my desired results. She was very gentle with my skin and before applying a product she let me know what it was and what it does. She also recommended products for me to use at home which is what my current aesthetician hasn’t done. Will def be going back to see Ms. Esther


Always Punctual

Gabrielle M.

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality.

I get the acne facial and my face went from being completely unmanageable (none of my products worked) to cleared up in just a week after my first acne facial, using the recommended products and routines. If you’re serious about getting clear skin, I would suggest coming here! Esther is so wonderful and her massage room is always clean and cozy with peaceful music playing. I always leave feeling better than I came.



Latifa A.

Definitely recommend this place to anyone!


Very informative and pays attention to detail

Mimi D.

The service is awesome, she is very informative and pays attention to detail, I would advise anyone to come here if they want too feel beautiful from the inside and out


I can actually see a major difference

Christine G.

WOW! Esther is Amazing I started going to her at the end of 2019. I can actually see a major difference in a short time. I feel really good about my self and my looks. If you could have seen my skin before I started using the customized kit Esther created for me. Since I couldn’t afford to see Esther every month(broke college student here) Esther Suggested that I invest in the customized kit she created for me. She kept on saying I had to be consistent with my regimen. She really does have a deep understanding of “our skin”. She is extremely caring and knowledgeable. To the young black girl/guy reading my review, I would highly recommend her services. She’s definitely worth it. She’s professional and she genuinely has a caring heart and a warm and welcoming smile. She made me feel really comfortable during my first visit so I know I would return to her.


My first facial and it felt amazing

Tabitha H.

Esther was great, it was my first facial and it felt amazing. She is very professional and pleasant. I will see her again soon.


Took her time to care for my skin and educate me.

Chris A.

A little background, I struggled with acne starting my freshman year of high school. That was roughly about 15+ years ago. I had severe, cystic acne. Before seeing Esther I tried everything people would recommend-regardless of who would make the recommendations-thinking back on it now, all I can do is laugh because of how desperate I was. I tried everything people on YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram recommended, I also tried oil cleansing, every face wash is known to mankind, diet change, left oatmeal soaking over many nights and would apply it to my face, I tried supplements, multiple dermatologists, prescription creams and ointments and so much more!. With all of this, I was only able to reduce the cysts, but the acne and acne brown spots still remained. Heck! I even tried Accutane. Now, Accutane did managed to clear my skin temporarily, but the acne came back after a while, the side effects we're crazy so I refused to go back to it. I started to give up and accepted my ”fate” that acne would always be part of my life. I swear Esther was God sent!! Because of her I no longer need pounds of makeup to hide behind. Cleanse and moisturize then go on about my day. As a grown adult with a well-paying job - having acne on my face and back use to holf me back in so many ways. However, not anymore!! I feel so happy as confident now! Having my confidence back was well worth my little investment. I started with the consultation plus facial appointment. Esther took her time to care for my skin and educate me. Although the appointment included a free trial kit, I ordered the ultimate acne kit Esther recommended. I followed the home care routine religiously and kept up with my professional appointments with Esther. The only warning I have for you is this - she does have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. She's extremely kind, informative, and pleasant. You will love her and her personality. The same energy she gives on her social media, is the same energy she gives in person all smiles and she really does care about your results.


Acne-fighting system works

Elizabeth W.

Mannnn, Luxury Lotus Spa saved my skin and help me gain my confidence back! I was suffering from horrible cysts all over my face that came out of nowhere when I started my first grown folk’s job. I tried every product, switched up my diet, tried birth control, you name it I’ve tried it! Esther’s acne-fighting system works and I cannot Bragg her about it enough! It was the best investment I ever made. The products are incredible and worth every penny. I didn’t even have to go into the office for any further treatments. Please consider Esther’s system if you want beautiful, clear, smooth, and even skin. She’s definitely worth it! She’s professional and she actually cares about you as a person and your skincare goals.


Wonderful products

Poncho B.

Love her wonderful products and her personality!


I don't typically even review unless the service is AMAZING

Iliana M.

This reviews is long overdue since I dont typically even review unless the service is AMAZING. For my first time ever getting a Brazilian wax, although pretty painful, Esther made me feel incredibly comfortable and was so patient with me. The service in itself was awesome and Esther’s personality and professionalism was such a bonus! I would definitely recommend Luxury Lotus Spa to every and anybody looking for quality service with a relaxed overall experience.


very thorough and my visit was very educational

Bethany P.

Esther was very thorough and my visit was very educational on how to meet my skincare goals. Will definitely be back soon.


Facial products all smelled so good and my face was very smooth and clear the next day.

Patricia R.

I love this spa! Esther (the owner) is literally the best. I got a facial and it was so relaxing and I looked great. She is my favorites! and the facial products all smelled so good and my face was very smooth and clear the next day. The decor inside was so cozy and soothing. I will be back again!


First facial

Achile Joseph

I received my first facial and it truly relaxing. I loved it!.


Kind and Informative

Jessica P.

Great place! Esther is very kind and informative! Worth every penny! She uses the best products for your skin.


After just one visit I became hooked.

Haya S.

Esther is an amazing esthetician! After just one visit I became hooked. She gave me a facial which made my skin glow and got rid of most of my imperfections. I will definitely be getting facials from her from now on.


My pores have never been this clean

Cris Duran

It was really great and relaxing! My pores have never been this clean. My skin still looked soft and exfoliated even the next day. And my skin face looked younger!!


Very quiet, private, and relaxing.

LaToya W.

Very nice and sweet girl, and a wonderful collection of spa products to choose from. Very quiet, private, and relaxing.


There’s never a wait time!

Camelita R.

Great place to go and relax! My favorite part is there’s never a wait time! Appointment is required. I always book online because of my Busy & Hectic schedule.


For my first time getting a service it was amazing.

Abdias J.

For my first time getting a service it was amazing. I would recommend anyone who would like to get a service for their first time to come to here. Also she played this music that was so soothing that afterwards I felt like a new me.


It’s a highly personalized visit with so much attention paid to every detail!! The best treatment I’ve had and I’ve had a ton!!

Sarah M.

Esther is amazing!! I highly recommend going to her for all your spa needs!! It’s a highly personalized visit with so much attention paid to every detail!! The best treatment I’ve had and I’ve had a ton!! I can’t wait to see her for lots and lots more services!! I highly recommend luxury lotus spa!!


So friendly and sociable.

Amanda P.

So friendly and sociable. Did a great job and will definitely be going back. Location is so convenient.


If you have any kind of acne or brown spots, this is the place to go!

Joshua H.

Attention Black Men and Everyone else reading this review!! If you are suffering from ingrown hair or any kind of acne or brown spots, this is the place to go! I’ve tried 5 different locations and this was the last attempt. I am tremendously grateful for giving them a chance because Esther has truly transformed my skin and confidence in ways I never knew was possible!! I am more than satisfied with the results of my treatments with Esther. I started 6 months with the clear, smooth, and even skin facial because I had bad acne and ingrown hair. of my treatment. This skincare clinic has helped me to restore my confidence and self-esteem. I finally have a flawless, glowing, healthy, and CLEAR skin again. It’s a little expensive but you get what you pay for!!! The products are high quality but the key is to remain consistent with your daily routine and avoid acne prone products as much as possible to achieve results. I love this place! As a working professional, the last thing you need is your colleagues having a conversation with you while staring at your skin imperfections.


Where do I start?

Beverline Baron

Where do I start? What can I say? Yesterday I was able to experience a Phenomenal facial and boy did I fall asleep lol! Being a busy working mom of 4 and managing my own business can be tough and very hard for me to find time to pamper myself but, I am so glad I did. It was well needed and deserved!!! Thank you @Luxury Lotus Spa!!!


I was feeling hopeless

Diane N.

I cannot be any more thankful for coming across Luxury Lotus Spa! Esther has been amazing at helping with healing and clearing my skin. I started with the customized program Esther designed for me in June. Since I first started with the specific program in d. When I came to them initially, I was feeling hopeless and was painfully accepting that my cystic acne was here to ruin my life and keep me in distress through the foreseeable future. However, not only did they reassure me that sticking to the program will make a difference, but they have facilitated space for me to not feel like something was wrong with me. I will stay with them for the foreseeable future while I'm continuing to heal and clear my skin! If you have acne-prone skin and have tried everything under the sun, KNOW that this is one rock you have yet to turn, and when you do, you'll be glad you stayed the course and decided to give Luxury Lotus Spa a shot! 🙂


Quest to find a great facial and skin help with my hyperpigmentation

Ray R.

My long journey in the quest to find a great facial and skin help with my hyperpigmentation was a success Esther was amazing giving information answering my questions and great products I'm loving her treatments and our little small talk. I will continue to see her, as my skin is already clearing up.



Tanou S.J.

Cleanliness, Professionalist, Quality



Robert E.

Took her time to take care of me and my girlfriend. Worth every penny! SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES

Black Esthetician Luxury Lotus Spa Tampa Hydro glow hydrafacial treatment

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  • Stay Consistent
    Get ready for clear, smooth, and even skin. Follow your daily and weekly home care regimen and see your esthetician every 2-4 weeks (Depends on your skincare goals and concerns).
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