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Facial & Back Facial Treatments


NEW CLIENTS *START HERE* - Includes A fully Customized 60-minutes facial

Tampa Facials for men and women with darker skin tone who struggle with acne, acne scars, need a peel treatment for darker skin pigment isuues

This is highly recommended for new clients First Facial/Back Facial Visit. 

In-depth consultation Plus customized full facial to address your number one skin concern

Your skin has its own unique story to tell, and we are here to unlock the secrets to the perfect skincare regimen for your brown skin! To jump start your clear, smooth, and even skin journey we’ve created this signature, customized, combo of modalities and professional grade products designed to enhance your skin’s health and hydration, and leave you with a radiant glow. We want to help you make #make-up optional!

The Luxury Lotus Spa new client facial/back facial helps promote a clear, smooth, and even skin tone, providing lymphatic facial contouring massage. Helps to clear acne scars for black/African American clients, and gives your skin a tightened, youthful, glowing appearance. 

How we help you: Do you want to look and feel confident? Are you tired of searching for over the counter and/or drug store acne scar treatment and products for black/African American skin?

Need home remedies? Treatment for acne scars on darker skin requires special consideration. We are Tampa’s Favorite Acne Scar specialist, here to save your skin, love life, and/or career. It’s time to say goodbye to acne scars for good!. You need an acne scar kit and treatment customized by a licensed ethnic skin specialist.

Includes In-depth consultation, customized facial, education, and time to ask questions.

Facial Consultation +Full Facial - Signature 

 Duration:  90 minutes Cost: $200+

Back/Body Consultation + Treatment - Premium

 Duration:  75-120 minutes Cost: $250+



chemical peel for black and brown skin by a black esthetician in tampa, Florida

Clear, Smooth, and Even Skin Peel Treatments

The Mood:       Time to Get Even!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: ONLY $275+ per treatment when you prepay for a package of 6 or more

VALUE: $475+ each treatment

The Expectation: A next level Peel Treatment

Experience: Custom Blend Signature Peel Treatment Made for African American Skin

Are you troubled by Ingrown Hairs, Acne Scars? Regardless of the reason for your skin concern, this advanced customized peel treatment addresses the underlying causes of your unwanted pigment/discoloration to even out your complexion. 

This treatment works great with brown skin and all other skin types.  Includes complimentary physical exfoliation and home care kit. This enhanced peel is customized with the appropriate serums to replenish moisture and even your skin complexion.


Skin is visibly smoother, brighter, and more evenly toned. Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract - a skin calming antioxidant that aids in skin rejuvenation.

This 4% Pure Retinol Peel will provide a dramatic & rapid rejuvenation of the skin. The ideal solution for acne scars/brown spots, uneven skin. You'll receive a complimentary homecare kit to ensure you have the best results possible ( 

You need a Tampa Florida (FL) Acne Scar Specialist to treat your highly melanated - brown skin

Experience our VIP RED-CARPET Facial + O2U Skin Delight with Customize facial with our signature VIP peel treatment - If you're struggling with acne, post acne scarring/brown spots, and ingrown hairs in the chin area... we bring out all the best for you with this Clear, Smooth, and Even Skin Treatment - clearing up acne, post-acne scarring (brown spots), uneven skin, and ingrown hairs for your delicate melanin skin. Come experience the best chemical peel treatment for your brown skin. Experience what it's like to work with an esthetician that knows and understand where you are currently. 



 Learn more about modalities here


RESULTS DRIVEN SKINCARE - Clear, Smooth, & Even Skin

Clear & Even Skin Treatments

Don't know if you're really serious about your desire for clear, smooth, and even skin... When you're serious & ready for it, you have to try our signature treatment. The treatment is guaranteed to knock you off your feet into one of the most relaxing facial beds you'll ever lay down on - Our clients often end up catching up on some much needed Zzzzs in the process. What are you waiting for?

This will address your dark spots from acne scars, pregnancy, skin discolorations, and get to the underlying cause. Leaving your skin radiant and glowing, ready for your glamorous red carpet arrival!

How we help you: clear & even skin does not have to be a dream only. You want to know how to fade acne scars on black/African American skin?

Our signature Acne scar facial for African American and ethnic skin includes our signature hydro - microdermabrasion with oxygen infusion treatment, Lotus Delightful Trio, plus a Custom blend Chemical Peel Treatment. Plus, we include some enzymes and more to clear deep acne scarring, Brown Spots, ingrown hairs, and Blemishes.

Also great for the Ladies and Gentlemen dealing with ingrown hairs in the chin and neck area from shaving - Ingrown hairs, brown spots, scarring, uneven skin, melasma, fine lines & wrinkles, which has a tendency of lowering one's self-confidence. We bring out all the best with this one!

You need a Tampa Florida (FL) Acne Scar Specialist to treat your highly melanated - brown skin Learn more about modalities here

Diamond Glow Facial Treatment:  ~90 min -  $250+

Advance Corrective Facial:  ~75 min -  $195+

Deep Pore Cleansing: ~60 min - $125+

Ironman Facial: ~60 min - $165+

Teen Facial: ~45 min - $79 +

Freshen Up Express Facial: ~45 min - $99.97+

*** Back Facials & Body Treatments Available***


Relaxing Facial Options | Gift Ideas

Relaxing "Me Time" Treatments

Need a quick pick me up? From the time you enter the door, to the time you leave, we will take you on a spa journey of ultimate relaxation.

Come relax, renew and refresh with our customized signature facial treatment made specifically with our busiest customers in mind — it’s designed to not only make your skin look and feel great but also to put a giant smile on your face!

Your stress will melt away with a combination of soothing massage and acupressure for the facial muscles. Your face will look and feel toned, nourished, and relaxed. The relaxing me time Facial is designed to leave work behind, so you leave the appointment looking and feeling amazingly radiant!

How we help you: The perfect facial experience. This is the ultimate relaxing facial ritual. A journey like no other! This facial will hydrate, minimize appearance of pores and exfoliate for that radiant glow. The all natural and organic facial massage your skin needed!

This is how you #TreatYourself!

This treatment would make the #ThePerfectGift for someone who has gone over and beyond for you, such as your boss, mentor, friend or loved one.

Facial Of The Month: ~60 min - $ 165+

Essential Relaxing "Me Time" Facial: 45 min - $89+

Jump start your Journey to Clear, Smooth, and Even Skin Today

Providing you with a more personalized spa experience in a clean and friendly environment for all your skin care needs.

You will never feel rushed!


Here's Why...

Based on my 10+ years of experience helping black/African American decent women (and men) look & feel confident & beautiful, both inside and out, I’ve discovered a few things:

● You want someone that cares who specializes in treating acne scars (brown spots) on Brown Skin... 

● You need a facial that works for your highly melanated, delicate, brown skin

● You want a simple, easy to follow home care regimen that gives you results 

We've made this facial menu easy to understand. You know exactly where to start. If you still have questions...

TEXT "QUESTION" TO: 813-701-4541


You pick a facial and the amount of time, and we partner to create a customized professional treatment plan and home care regimen to help you get the skin & life you deserve. BOOK NOW

About Our Treatment Phases

Every client should start with the consultation which includes a customized full facial

After your first appointment, we will work with you to create customized treatment plan to help you get the results you desire.

● For acne scars, we usually recommend treatments every 3-4 weeks.
● For acne, we usually recommend treatments every 2-3 weeks.

On average, it takes some of our clients ~ 6-12+ treatments paired with consistent home care regimen/system to start seeing results. We understand you want to completely clear the acne scars... When you use our recommended home care kit paired with regular facial every 2-4 weeks we can help you change your skin in 3-12 months to start seeing the dramatic results you want. 

The time frame varies and...

  • Depends on the depth of the acne scars(brow spots) 
  • How committed are you
  • Whether you can afford to invest in your skin.

Need More Information Before you Book?

Some of the different modalities that could be used during your treatment

We are Tampa's favorite acne scar specialistsLearn more about modalities here.

Microdermabrasion, LED Light, Galvanic treatment, our signature customized blend of Enzyme peel - the no peel, more advance peel options, peel treatment boost for even skin, Enzymes, Facial Massage, lymphatic drainage, Plus, our signature, Luxury Lotus Spa, Trio Treatment Boost Pro for giving your skin an even and detoxing Lotus Glow!

TEXT "QUESTION" TO: 813-701-4541