What is a chemical peel?

Chemical Peel Myths vs Reality...  Today, we are focusing on demystifying chemical peel treatments. Are you ready?

Chemical Peel Myths Vs. Reality

Does it hurt?

Chemical Peels Make your skin hurt.

Equally important, our custom chemical peels are formulated with unique ingredient blends that work with our skin. Also, because, this allows for comfortable treatments without sacrificing efficacy. Therefore, the result is increased cell turnover and fresh, healthy skin is revealed. Let's continue with the Chemical Peel Myths Vs Reality blog article.

What does Peels Treat?

Chemical Peels are just for wrinkles.

Of course, our custom chemical peels can improve and prevent most skin concerns, including discoloration, aging, and even rosacea and acne.

How do I look after the Peel?

Chemical peels leave you red in the face and require a lot of downtime.

As a result, our custom chemical peels leave your skin with a healthy glow, not bright red. Importantly, they also have minimal downtime. Also, some Guests even schedule treatments during their lunch break! - Besides, the actual peel portion of the treatment usually only takes between 20-30 mins.

Question about your recent Peel Treatment:

Of course, you should definitely text me, if you have any questions before coming in for your first/next peel treatment. Lastly, please stop all retinol use at least 5 days prior to your peel treatment. I hope you've enjoyed this Chemical Peel Myths Vs Reality blog article.

I hope today's blog post has helped you. If you have any skincare questions... Text me : www.LuxuryLotusSpa.com/Text.

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