What’s the best DIY Hair Removal Technique for Men and Women?

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I’ve received countless requests for… What’s the best at-home hair removal technique

As someone prone to ingrown hair… I have to admit, using an electric razor is the way to go… when it comes to DIY at-home hair removal techniques.

How to shave with an electric rotary razor

  1. Use circular, overlapping motions, both clockwise and counterclockwise when using a rotary shaver. The reason behind this is simply to catch more hairs efficiently. …
  2. Don’t limit yourself to only using circular motions. Use whatever works best for you. …
  3. Use little to no pressure at all and let the shaver do all the work. …
  4. If you use shaving cream make sure to regularly rinse your shaver, just like you would do with a disposable razor.

Is an electric shaver better than a regular razor?

Yes, they are the better option. If your skin is sensitive, an electric shaver will be perfect. With traditional razors, you might have to purchase moisturizers and lotions to help with the irritations that follow. This being said, electric razors are great for sensitive skin.

How to get the closest shave with an electric razor?

  • Turn it on and bring it close to your skin, holding it perpendicular to the area to shave. …
  • Keep a firm grip on the handler, perform short strokes, and don’t apply too much pressure. …
  • Always shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. …
  • For an even closer shave, gently stretch the skin with your free hand, or change the position of your head.


Different Types Of Electric Razor



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