♥ Taking Charge of Your Health: A Journey Through Unexpected Surgery

Yes! It’s time to start Taking Charge of Your Health: A Journey Through Unexpected Surgery

2018 was a year to remember, and not in the best way. After my annual checkup, I found out that I needed to have surgery to remove a lump in my breast. The summer prior was one of the best in the books. This blog post will discuss the health scare I faced and how I took charge of my health afterward. I hope this will help you or someone you love.

My Primary Was Behind Schedule

Hi there! Esther The Esthetician Here ♥ I'm a huge believer in self-checks and annual checkups. During my annual checkup in 2018, my primary was behind schedule and rushed through her examination. She barely checked my left breast (the side she was standing on) before moving on to other tasks (She never checked the right side). A couple of weeks prior, while doing my monthly self-check I discovered a small lump on the right side of my breast. I visited another doctor… After additional tests were done, it turned out that this lump was cancerous and needed to be removed through surgery ASAP.

The Battle for My Life

I was terrified at first and didn't know what to expect( this was my first time dealing with cancer and surgery… two 1st at the same time lol). But with the help of friends, family, and medical professionals, I had an amazing support system around me throughout this process. The entire surgery went well and there were no complications or infections afterward - something that I am very thankful for! Although it's been almost four years since the surgery took place, it still feels like just yesterday when it happened.

Taking Charge of My Health Afterwards

After the initial shock wore off, I realized that this experience had taught me valuable lessons about taking care of myself and being proactive with regard to my health. Since then, I've started making healthier lifestyle choices such as eating better food (I do cheat from time to time), exercising regularly (walking 20-30 mins.) daily, getting enough sleep every night (based on my body type), etc., all in order to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again! Additionally, I'm also now more diligent about going for regular checkups so that any issues can be caught early on (one can only hope) before they become serious problems down the line.

To sum this all up…  No one ever expects something like this to happen but life happens sometimes! Thankfully for me though, everything turned out okay after surgery - however, it could have been much worse if things weren't caught early on due to a lack of self-awareness or preventative healthcare measures taken beforehand! So please take charge of your own health - don’t wait until something bad happens before you start looking after yourself properly! With proper preventative care and regular checkups, you can make sure any potential issues are caught early on before they become major ones down the line! At least you’ll have a better chance… versus just sitting on your hands and hoping for the best. Don’t wait until it’s too late - start taking control now!


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Self-Care Through Hard Times

Self-Care Through Hard Times