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(Main Concern: Acne/Acne Scars, Hyper-pigmentation, discoloration, texture, brown spots)


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It’s Esther the esthetician from Luxury Lotus Spa here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn your business.


After working to design the best pro- treatment plan & homecare products… I figured I would share it with you – to ensure we are all on the same page… My goal is to help you find products that are simple & easy to use, your skin will love, and that will also address some of your main skin concerns expressed during your appointment. 


During our conversation, you mentioned your main skin concerns are blemishes, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and texture. You also mentioned, if you could change anything about your skin, you would want to have: Smoother, brighter, tighter, clear, glowing skin complexion. These are the things I took into consideration while working to design a professional treatment plan and home care regimen for you. 


I chose products that are inlined with your skincare concerns and goals. Later on, we can always add-on new products to address some of your main skin concerns. 


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I have step by step guided videos to help guide you through.



🤗 Step-by-Step skincare regimen/routine



What’s a good daily skincare routine acne-prone skin hyperpigmentation, acne treatment





  • I would like to see you back in for a facial every 2-3 weeks for the first 3 treatments then, every 3-4 weeks. 
  • The first 3 treatments would cost you $125 every 2-3 weeks
  • The 4th treatment and beyond would cost you $195 every 3-4 weeks



  • STEP 1: Clear Skin Cleanser 
    • The cleanser can also be used in place of your shaving cream
      • This gentle cleanser removes makeup, oil, dirt, and environmental impurities in breakout-prone skin.
        • Provides a gentle exfoliation
        • Contains a unique blend of ingredients that soothe and protect the skin
        • This cleanser has a cleansing blend of products that purifies the skin and minimizes breakouts
        • This cleanser has 3 of the best ingredients to help you reach your skincare goals: lactic, aloe vera leaf juice, and gluconolactone.
          • Lactic is found in milk and sugars, this ingredient moisturizes the skin.
          • Aloe vera leaf juice – A purifying ingredient that softens and soothes the skin.
          • Gluconolactone – A gentle antioxidant that is calming, provides moisture and promotes a clear complexion.


   2: Pore Refining Smoothing Enzyme Toner 

  • This toner was formulated with aloe, as well as lactic and citric acids, to refine pores, remove superficial dead skin cells, and leave the skin smooth and clear. This is an alcohol-free formula that clears debris without over-stripping the skin. This toner has a blend of botanicals to provide astringent qualities to reduce the appearance of pores and calms the skin in the process.
      • After cleansing your skin, you will moisten a cotton pad with a small amount and apply it in an upward and outward stroke over your face and neck. You can use this daily or as needed… However, I recommend using it weekly when you first start


  •  3: Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment Relief Serum 

    • Helps with the breakouts & redness. This serum helps reduce redness and sensitivity while also improving your skin’s barrier function. This is a powerful corrective that provides you with instant and long-term relief from discomfort. This serum will start reducing the redness and inflammation on contact with the skin. It also helps improve the skin barrier function for long-term relief from redness and sensitivity. The serum uses a time-released delivery system to calm and soothe compromised skin, even after professional treatments.


  •  4: Hydrating Moisturizer 

    • This hydrating moisturizer is a nourishing, light moisturizer that hydrates calms, and soothes normal to sensitive skin. This moisturizer was designed with a hydrating formula that will help keep the skin calm and balanced. This powerful antioxidant protection is a unique feather-light texture.


*** Step 3 & 4 can be combined into one step.***



  • 5: Lightweight Sunscreen 

    • This sunscreen protects your skin from UVA & UVB sun rays. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and formulated with caffeine to prevent free radical damage. This sunscreen also provides broad-spectrum protection. It will simply disappear into the skin. I typically mix it with my moisturizer. The added antioxidants protect the skin against free radical damage. Protect from UV rays with this lightweight, fast-absorbing SPF, formulated with caffeine to prevent free radical damage. In case you decided to go to Hawaii when the pandemic is behind… This formula is reef safe (All sunscreens are required to be reef safe in Hawaii)
    • Smooth a nickel-sized amount onto skin after cleansing. Allow absorbing 20 minutes prior to daytime exposure. Reapply after two hours of sun exposure and repeat every two hours as needed. You can mix it in with your moisturizer to minimize the number of steps.


  • BONUS: Multi-Function LED Light Tool

    • This is why I think you will love this tool. It comes with a lifetime warranty and, it also deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin. It helps products penetrate into the skin better. It reduces redness and inflammation when you use the red LED. It also helps to stimulate collagen, lifts and tightens skin on the red setting. This tool also kills bacteria that lead to acne and helps to balance oily skin when used on the blue LED setting. The green setting helps lighten hyperpigmentation. While dealing with multiple skin issues. There’s a setting that will work on everything at once… I use that setting after I use my moisturizer. I use this while cleansing, moisturizing, and/or treating the skin





Treatment focused on Smoothing, brightening, tightening, clearing, and creating a radiant glow 

  • Pre Cleanse with agave tx
  • Double Cleanse( 2x): 
    • Gentle clarity cleanser with LED light therapy
    • Extra creamy cleanser with our 4-in-1  LED tool (red, blue & green) 
  • Smooth skin  toner
  • Exfoliate: Caffeine based sugar scrub
  • Enzyme toner
  • Our Signature clay-based enzyme mask
  • Enzyme toner 
  • Enzyme peel — Stays on overnight (cleanse & moisturize the next morning)
  • LED light therapy: Red(anti-aging), Blue(Kills acne bacteria), and Green(Hyper-pigmentation)  
  • retinol, moisturizer, clarity serum
  • Lip Tx 



SERVICE: Clear, Smooth, & Even Skin Facial W/Microdermabrasion & Custom blend Advance peel (~125-$195)


REBOOK: Every 3-4 weeks


IMPORTANT: Please check out our Pre-peel Preparation guide before your next visit

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