43: Self-Care Ideas To Heal Your Mind, Body, Skin, and Soul (PART I)

For this episode let's talk about: The Best Self-Care Ideas For The Ultimate Healing Of Your Mind, Body, Skin, & Soul

 Self Care Ideas For Women Learning To Love Themselves and Don't know where to begin with self care

  • Make sure you're meeting your basic needs.
    • Are you familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? It's a theory proposed in 1943. It talks about meeting your physical needs.  includes your physical needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. 
    • If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to care for yourself, It’s been said that Maslow’s hierarchy can point you in the right direction.
      • Are you currently meeting you hierarchy of needs?
      • Is there an area you would like to improve more 
  • Get moving
    • Moving your body is one of the most effective tools for stress reduction. The key is to find an activity you enjoy so that it doesn't feel like you're doing anything
      • My favorite way to get moving is extremely long walk
        • Ways you get get moving
          • Go for a walk - You can walk at home around your house, walk in place, or go outside and walk
          • Turn on your favorite playlist and Just dancing around your house
          • Take a group fitness class
          • Hit the gym
      • How will you get moving?
  • Try a Weighted Blanket ( or a good hug)
    • If you’re not in a situation where you can safely get a hug, weighted blankets can stimulate similar benefits. ... You gotta try a weighted blanket. Hugs are good for your health, “The firm, constant pressure of a hug can help calm an overactive nervous system.
  • Try Meditation
    • You don't have to eliminate all thoughts! Meditating is  about bringing your focus to the present moment.
    • Even doing it for 20 seconds or 2 minutes will go along ways...
      • I try to do about five minutes of mindfulness meditation per day. Doing so has had a positive outcomes on such conditions as irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder,”
  • Focus on your breathing
    • They've got an app for that! If meditation sounds too complicated. taking 5-7 minutes to do breathing exercises that lengthen your exhale.
    • You can also out youtube
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  • Take a nap
    • If your body tell you to take a nap... Listen
      • What do you classify as a "nap"?
  • Spend time outside
    • We all know the sun is the best source for Vitamin D. One of my favorite thing is do is go outside for a long walk.
    • A 2019 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research followed 94 adults who visited one of three urban parks. The participants were given fitness trackers, but weren’t told how long to stay or what to do while at the park, and then were asked about their well being. Well-being scores rose for more than half of the participants, even those who didn’t exercise at all!
    • What's your favorite way to spend time outside?

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