In today’s blog article, I will be sharing my top 10 facts to properly treat 20-something skin for men and women.

Twenty-something skin can sometimes be a challenge to treat.

As a young adult in your twenties, you are possibly already contemplating ways to prevent signs of aging.  You are also likely faced with concerns surrounding oily areas, clogged pores, and periodic flares of acne and/or post-acne scarring. In today’s blog article I’ve put together 10 practical advice for treating your 20-something skin.

Here’s what you should know:

Perhaps the most common issue affecting young men and women in their 20’s is acne and/or acne scars. Oftentimes, having combination or oily skin doesn’t really help your case either. You’ve likely had to combat oiliness, enlarged or clogged pores in the T-zones area, plus a few random breakouts.

Women in their 20s are often affected by hormonal fluctuations, leading to premenstrual flares of breakouts and chin acne. Some women who never had blemish problems in their teenage years suddenly have acne conditions in their 20s. Birth control pills and pregnancy can also contribute to potential hormonal skin issues. I’m sure you’ve probably had your share of the stress-related breakout to deal with.

If you are acne-prone, make sure you have; reliable home-care treatment products that contain both Benzoyl Peroxide to battle acne bacteria, as well as, alpha and beta hydroxy acid gels to flush clogged follicles and serve as spot treatments for those random and unwanted blemishes.

A Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial Treatments would be perfect! It’s a great way to detox your pores. Salicylic Acid can be very helpful If you’re struggling with oily and clogged skin. Salicylic acid may be the perfect exfoliant and antibacterial treatment for you. It’s a soothing agent used in both home-care and professional skin care. A Low-percentage (5%) salicylic peels can also help remove dead cell buildup as prep for deep-cleansing extraction treatment.

Professional Peels with heavier concentrations of salicylic acid (20%) are also helpful in drying up acne blemishes and treating mild hyperpigmentation, however, these higher concentration products may lead to a few days of flaking downtime. Our Deep Pore Cleansing facial treatment will revive your skin.

Salicylic acid should be avoided if you are pregnant and/or allergic to salicylates.

Please remember to be transparent with your skin care professional.

In your 20s you may begin to notice dry skin can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Which are typically caused by dehydration (lack of water in the skin’s surface). Oftentimes, we are quick to make the mistake of treating dry patches with rich, antiaging creams that are loaded with oily ingredients intended for older/more mature skin.

The fatty ingredients can potentially clog your pores leaving you with more issues than you were bargaining for… like the unwanted acne flares. Speak with a licensed esthetician to find lighter, less oily products and to avoid products that contain potentially comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients.

Products in liquid form are better choices for most 20-somethings. Look for a hydrating water-based, liquid moisturizer that contains humectants (water “magnets”) such as glycerin, sodium PCA, and sodium hyaluronate, instead of potentially clogging oils, waxes, and other fats.

Always check to ensure that products used for clog-prone and acne-prone skin have been dermatologist-tested for peace of mind that the products are non-comedogenic.

Preventing skin from aging and sun damage should be the focus for young guys and gals. Daily use of a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen can be accomplished by finding a non-comedogenic hydrating product. Make sure you find a sunscreen moisturizer that is light and easy to wear under makeup.

Let’s be real, if you don’t love it you will not use it daily. You should definitely be Applying sunscreen daily to help protect that beautiful melanin skin complexion from UV damage that can lead to premature aging and skin cancer.

Using a topical antioxidants in serum form is important for preventing inflammation that can lead to the beginning of skin breakdowns. Daily use of serum that contains multiple liposomal antioxidants can help silence reactions that can lead to a breakdown of skin structure over time.
A Typical home- care program for someone in their 20s should include a rinse-able, light-foaming cleanser for daily use. If you love using toners… stick with a non-alcoholic toner; Try our: GLOW-FOR-DAYS ENZYME TONER

In Summary...

I hope today's blog post has helped you. If you have any skincare questions... Text me The health of your skin is in your hands. Take action in the right direction today.

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